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Post Finishing & Parts Assembly


After going through the CNC Machining and Metal Stamping Process, it comes to refining and fine-tuning the products. To improve appearance and to increase the durability, post finishing involves mainly Metal Finish and Surface Finish.

Metal Finish is the process of adding a layer of substance on to metal. That could be Anodizing, Sand Plating, Painting, Powder Coating, etc. In contrast, Surface Finish is to remove unwanted peaks/valleys on metal, which are unavoidably made during production. That includes, Grinding, Polishing, Abrasive Blasting, and Milling.

VIM Technology has been partnering with several well-established ISO:9001 certified post-finishing factories to carry out any post-finishing process the products require. This ensures our end products are up to international standards and be what exactly it should be.

VIM is capable of 

  • Anodizing: Colour anodizing, Hard anodizing

  • Plating: Sand plating, Nickel, Chrome, Zinc plating, Powder coating

  • Surface Finishing: Brushed finishing, Grinding, Polishing, Abrasive blasting, Electrolytic polishing, Mirror polishing, Heat treatment

  • Laser printing

  • Metal Hardening / Metal Quenching / Metal Tempering

Parts Assembly

In order to provide the best turnkey solution to our clients, we offer parts assembly service to complete the whole production stage. This includes simple insert installation to complete complex assemblies. As all the process are carried out on-site within our self-own factory, we could keep track on every procedures.