Laser Cutting

Why VIM for Laser Cutting?

Apart from CNC Machining & Metal Stamping, VIM technology also offers Laser Cutting for our clients. We understand that each metal fabrication process has its own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why we are also equipped with laser cutting machine. Laser cutting is a technology to cut metal plates. It is high accurate, and comparatively lower cost, since it doesn’t require any tool. It is the greatest way to produce complex shape metals. However, it is not applicable to certain metals. Here in VIM technology, we would design the best production plan to you. 

We are professionals in processing various metals, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, etc. We welcome request for prototyping, small to mass production.

Our 5000sqm ISO9001:2008 fully-equipped factory, skilled team of engineering, technician, programming & manufacturing ensure us to provide the best service to you. Rapid response, high-quality service and fast lead time make us stand out from others.

What is Laser cutting

During laser cutting, the high-density laser beam is used to illuminate the material to be cut, so that the material is quickly heated to a vaporization temperature and evaporated to form a hole. As the beam moves toward the material, the hole continuously forms a slit having a narrow width (e.g., about 0.1 mm) and finish cutting the material. Once the program is entered into the machine, the laser beam jet will move accordingly.

There are three main types of lasers used in laser cutting, including CO2 lasers, Fiber lasers, Waterjet lasers. VIM is equipped with advanced CO2 lasers.

The Advangatages of Laser cutting

  • Good cutting quality. Laser cutting can achieve better cutting quality due to the small laser spot, high energy density and fast cutting speed. The dimensional accuracy of the cut parts can reach ±0.05mm.

  • The cutting surface/edge are smooth and beautiful. The surface roughness is only a few tens of microns.

  • High cutting efficiency due to the fast transmission characteristics of laser. Laser cutting machine is generally equipped with multiple CNC working tables, and the whole cutting process can be realized by numerical control.

  • Fast cutting speed. If cutting a 2mm thick low carbon steel plate with a power of 1200W, the cutting speed can reach 600cm/min; cutting a 5mm thick polypropylene resin board, the cutting speed can reach 1200cm/min. The material does not need to be clamped and fixed during laser cutting, which saves the time of loading and unloading the workpiece.

  • Can process different materials, including metal, non-metal, metal-based and non-metal matrix composites, leather, wood and fiber. However, for different materials, due to their different thermophysical properties and different absorption rates of laser light, different laser cutting adaptability is exhibited.