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Why VIM can provide you cost effective production solutions?

In the world of CNC Machining and Metal Stamping, every minute is the cost. Longer production time means longer the machine operates, which leads to higher cost. Therefore, experience is the most impacting factor.

VIM team is the CNC Machining and Metal Stamping specialist in China with combined experience of 40+ years. Every staff members are professional in this field. We can design the most cost effective way to you.

We pay attention to every stage during the production.
Stage One: When you ask for quotation, diagrams are investigated by our highly experienced engineering team. We will highlight any problem areas or make suggestions for changes.
Stage Two: We require QAR (Quality Assurance Report) from raw material providers. We also do inspection on the raw materials with our own spectrometer. We have made partnership with several raw material providers.
Stage Three: Full sampling inspection, production inspection & exfactory inspection before shipping.

VIM is registered both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. HK registered office serves as a branch office to connect factory with outside world. It supports shipping and sales function.
The main office (factory) is registered and based in Longgang District, Shenzhen, China. It is the manufacturing plant to manufacture the products our clients need.

VIM has been a profitable business since we start in 2005. The annual turnover per year is around 1.5mil USD.

Projects can be done by EWX/ DDU/ FOB. Different shipping terms may lead to additional costs. Other shipping terms can also be negotiated on a case by case basis.

We manufacture according to drawings. Once client clearly mark on the 2D diagrams their tolerance levels and our experienced engineers have evalulated the possibility to achieve, we will manufacture accordingly.

Both 2D & 3D drawings are needed for accurate and efficient quotation. We prefer .step/ .iges/ files. We use both Solidworks and CAD to load 3D diagrams. A 2D engineering drawing with key dimensions and detailed tolerances is preferred.

Hong Kong: 69759482-000 China: 91440300398468729W

Our standard payment terms for CNC Machining & Laser Cutting 50% deposit and 50% prior to shipping.Our standard payment terms for Metal Stamping-Mould-making & Sample-making 100% full payment Mass Production 50% deposit and 50% prior to shipping

We have accounts in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, available for different currency transfer, incl USD, HKD, CNY, etc. We suggest overseas clients to do TT Telegraphic Transfer payment to Hong Kong account and mainland clients to Mainland China account.