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CNC Machining by VIM

Shenzhen VIM Technology is the leading provider of CNC Machining, Precision Manufacturing and Metal Stamping in China, providing total solution to our customers, from prototype to pre-production on to high volume production.

We have been present in China since 1970s and was officially established in 2005 by a Chinese Hong Kong-led management team with over 40 years of experience in the CNC Machining sector.

The 5,000 square meters factory in Longgang district, Shenzhen features industry’s most technologically advanced machining and quality control equipment, enabling CNC Machining to deliver precise parts within the tightest of tolerances.

VIM has successfully delivered more than 12,000 world-class projects to both institutional and retail clients in diverse sectors. Of which, we are proud to be the major manufacturer of several listed companies in Asia.


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Facilities & Equipment List

VIM Technology self owns a 5000 sqm factory in Longgang District, Shenzhen. Our CNC Machining production is done by 46 advanced Brother TC-S2A/ TC- 32B CNC Tapping Centers, also along with other milling and turning machines, lathes, imported from Japan, US, and Taiwan. Metal Stamping production is completed by 40 new-model SEYI Stamping Press. The whole process is supervised by our technicians.

Processing Equipment

CNC machining center, Metal Stamping Machine, CNC lathe, CNC Turning machine, Drilling machine, Grinding machine, Laser Cutter, EDM, Wire-cutting machine, etc.

QC Equipment

3D Scanner, 2D Automatic Video Measuring Machine, Multi-protractor, Micrometer, Needle Gauge, Bolt Gauge, Film Meter, Vernier Caliper, Height Caliper, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Digital Dynamometer.

We are Trusted by World Famous Companies

Our customer base is diversified throughout the world, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, United States, Europe, Japan and represents many segments including Radio-controlled hobbies, Audio equipment, Robotics, 3D appliances.

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FAQ You May Concerned

Do you support low-quantity needs?

Yes, we know MOQ requirement is one of the challenges of CNC machining, however, we make it possible for small orders.

How are the payment terms?

Our standard payment terms for CNC Machining & Laser Cutting 50% deposit and 50% prior to shipping Our standard payment terms for Metal Stamping-Mould-making & Sample-making 100% full payment Mass Production 50% deposit and 50% prior to shipping

What kind of files are needed for quotation?

Both 2D & 3D drawings are needed for accurate and efficient quotation. We prefer .step/ .iges/ files. We use both Solidworks and CAD to load 3D diagrams. A 2D engineering drawing with key dimensions and detailed tolerances is preferred.

How soon can I get my order?

Once the drawing is confirmed, we usually provide samples within 3-7 working days, plus 5-7 working days for express delivery, you can get the samples within 8 days at the earliest; the official order will be evaluated according to your quantity and specific requirements, we will communicate and confirm with you according to the actual situation.

About shipping, 3-7 days by express/air. 15-30 days by sea worldwide.

Do you support sample testing?

Yes, we totally support our customers getting samples prior to order production, and we offer free samples to long-term cooperation customers.

How can I pay?

We have accounts in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, available for different currency transfer, incl USD, HKD, CNY, etc. We suggest overseas clients to do TT Telegraphic Transfer payment to Hong Kong account and mainland clients to Mainland China account.