To create CNC machining functions and CNC process plans:

(1) The CNC process considers the process of machining parts, fixtures and positioning of machining parts, tool selection, simple processes in conventional processes, cutting methods and process parameters, etc.

(2) cnc processing technology design is mainly used to guide cnc programming. Our company and NcncNcnc technical personnel combine programming responsibilities, and the programmer is responsible for the entire mold cnc processing technology, which improves work efficiency.

(3) The degree of automation of CNC machining is high, and there are many influencing factors. In CNC machining, quality safety itself is very important and must be guaranteed.

(4) The preparation of cnc processing technology should have strict strip rationality. The CNC technology is complex and has many influencing factors. It is necessary to think deeply about the entire process of CNC machining. It has good strip steel rationality and can program CNC technology well. CNC machining has a high degree of automation and poor adaptability. When a problem occurs, it is difficult for the operator to correct it on the spot. Light personnel produce processing defects. When a safety accident occurs halfway, the CNC technology should be systematically designed in advance.

(5) The inheritance of CNC technology is good. It is proved to be a good CNCNC technology in production. You can create a template, save it as a file, and then call it when processing similar parts, saving time and ensuring quality.

The CNC machining process plan is considered to be the state space of a series of processes, from the initial state of the part (core/mold embryo) to the final state (part). The sequencing of CNC sequences must comply with the following general rules

  1. The main parameters are followed by auxiliary parameters.
  2. Treat the surface first and then the hole. Mill first and then drill.
  3. First roughing and then finishing.
  4. First process the inner cavity, and then perform the shape processing.
  5. The diameter of the tool varies from large to small according to the order of the processes.
  6. The processing of the previous process does not affect the chuck and positioning of the next process.
  7. Put the same tooling and fixture together to reduce repeated clips and positions.
  8. The CNC technical parameters must be concentrated.
  9. Do not use program instructions that weaken parts rigidity first.

A good CNC machining process plan should consider the following points

Can it meet the technical requirements of parts, can it improve CNC machining efficiency, low machining cost, and good quality control.

Therefore, the overall CNC machining process plan is usually as follows:

  1. Selection of CNC machine tools.
  2. Select the processing method.
  3. Determine the clamping method of the component and select clamping.
  4. Positioning method.
  5. Inspection requirements and inspection methods.
  6. Select the tool.
  7. Error control and tolerance control during processing.
  8. Define the CNC process.
  9. CNC sequence.
  10. Select cutting parameters.
  11. A CNC machining program table is available.