There are many ways to machine parts, and there are many corresponding materials. Here, take aluminum parts for everyone’s distance. In fact, in the processing industry, there are many similar places, there are many different places. For aluminum parts, CNC machining of mechanical parts has a lot of experience in surface treatment.

Parts Processing
When we understand the machining of mechanical parts, we must know the material needed for machining according to one dimension of the part itself. The aluminum material is believed to be known to many people, but it is not known that after the aluminum parts are processed, some surface will appear. Glitch, these burrs will be the basis for affecting the use of the entire part, so how can we clean these burrs?

Parts Processing

  1. In fact, aluminum parts will have a grinding action at the end of processing. This is a special concern for burrs.
  2. Need to provide good appearance conditions to improve the quality of the surface finish.
  3. Extruded aluminum profiles require mechanical polishing or polishing to eliminate defects such as squeezing.
  4. Minimize or avoid welding as much as possible, which will affect the color difference of the parts.
  5. After mechanical pre-treatment, the aluminum parts can be free from oil, rust, and uniform color, so that the surface can be fully exposed.

Parts Processing
These are the basic common sense of surface treatment. At the same time, it is also a summary of the experience of CNC machining of mechanical parts. The implication is that in order to make better parts that meet the practical applicability, we can create more miracles by doing our best. The more important things at the moment, when you have mastered this technology, it must be after you have fully understood it. This is why there are so many industry elites.