CNC lathe parts processing technology analysis process

Today’s production era is the era of numerical control. The processing of lathe machines is also a technology. The processing of parts has its artistic nature and has certain displayability. The analysis process of CNC lathe processing technology is the process of analyzing artistic creation. CNC lathe processing CNC lathe processing technology analysis process: First, we should choose an excellent mechanical worker, make fine drawings, and have a good product. Second, choose the workers who can analyze the drawings, must determine the reasonable position, and determine the correct processing steps, select the tools suitable for machine production, the correct input flow chart and the ability to verify the flow chart to make the product more perfect, at the same time Can also be more in line with customer requirements. Third, the tool can be installed correctly. After the installation, the experiment must be repeated to prevent mistakes, tool collision and reduce tool damage. Fourth, the correct tool setting, determine the correct machining points, select the appropriate coordinates, reduce working time. 5. It is necessary to carry out the experiment of the first sample to prevent procedural errors or unsuitable coordinates, which occur in the production of defective parts. 6. Choose a place with suitable temperature and constant temperature to reduce the influence of mechanical changes on the mechanical use effect. Seven, the correct shutdown and daily maintenance, reduce damage to the machine, increase the life of the machine. CNC lathe processing The analysis process of CNC lathe processing is no longer a question. Just search for keywords and you can find what you want to watch. CNC lathe processing