What do CNC machining manufacturers encounter when it is difficult to process materials?

In the field of precision CNC machining, there are many materials that can be processed, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, peek, which are relatively common materials, but there are many users in the industry because the products are special, only for the products. The materials also have different requirements, such as heat-resistant steel and titanium alloys, involving such a variety of materials, a little material is easier to process, and some materials are very difficult to process, in response to this phenomenon, is undoubtedly the hard power of the processing plant Higher requirements were raised. We all know that if you want to process precision parts, there are no more than two ways. The first one is to use high-precision CNC machine tools, such as VIM Precision Technology’s cnc machining center, CNC machine, and milling and milling machine. Another form of processing is to explore new processing techniques based on traditional machining, to improve the processing performance of materials or to achieve precision machining and delivery efficiency of precision parts. In ordinary CNC cutting, with the formation of chips, the cause of extrusion and friction between the chips and the CNC machining tool, inevitably, a large cutting force and cutting heat are generated, causing tool wear and cutting vibration. Although the cutting vibration will lead to instability of the accuracy of the part, under certain conditions, the cutting power can be reduced by 15{40853765ee30ac98edfcc6f3daa6ce342bfa067bc7a6d6f9827ef46304b1ff49} to 30{40853765ee30ac98edfcc6f3daa6ce342bfa067bc7a6d6f9827ef46304b1ff49}, the cutting shrinkage is significantly reduced, and the formation conditions of the chip are improved. , get the debris. We can use this kind of thinking when dealing with machining tasks with high processing difficulty and strong material rigidity. Vibration cutting and vibration cutting apply a certain kind of regular and controllable vibration through the re-cutting tool. To make a linear change in the cutting speed and the depth of the cutting, so as to obtain a special cutting effect to deal with some materials that are difficult to machine. The vibration changes the space and time between the tool and the precision parts of Beijing. There are conditions that make it change the principle of machining to achieve the purpose of reducing cutting force and cutting heat, and achieve precision machining and efficiency improvement of difficult machining materials. Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to high-quality precision parts processing with more than ten years of experience. While continuously optimizing the processing technology, it also continuously accumulates processing experience. Currently, the machinable materials include aluminum alloy, copper, bar, and plate. , stainless steel, carbon steel, profiles, pom, pipe, Teflon and other materials, after years of operation, the company has successfully passed ISO19001, CES, SGS and other quality management certification, and successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise audit.