Non-standard parts custom CNC processing selection process is very importantn

With the release of the Grand Plan of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen will further clarify the creation of high-end precision machinery parts processing centers. Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has been working in the field of precision machining for 18 years. Based on the medical, communication and optoelectronic industries, it has gathered market demand and opened up the processing business of precision components such as automobiles and office automation. In the case of general precision machine parts processing plants, most of them have several kinds of processing methods when doing precision parts processing. More commonly used is the CNC part processing method, as well as more cutting-edge 3D printing methods. However, when we are doing precision parts processing, we need to make the right choice according to the characteristics of the customer’s design drawings and the needs of the products. For most customers, they only have the design drawings of mechanical parts processing, and they have not selected the processing methods and processing techniques. It is also possible that the processing methods selected by customers are not suitable. Most technicians in precision machine parts processing plants recommend more suitable precision parts processing methods according to customer needs. Just as some time ago, Mr. Zhang found Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology Co., Ltd. to do a precision parts processing, originally intended to use 3D printing. Because the price is cheaper and faster. However, the engineering staff of Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology Co., Ltd., after understanding the work of this precision part that Mr. Zhang had to do, required relatively high precision and toughness, and recommended the way of machining CNC parts to Mr. Zhang. The 3D printing method cannot exceed the machining method of CNC parts in terms of accuracy and toughness. After listening to the technical department’s explanation, Mr. Zhang agreed to use the CNC parts processing method. A few days later, Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with the completion of the processing of the finished precision parts, and praised Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology Co., Ltd. as a precision mechanical parts processing factory that is very worry-free, assured and powerful.