How do cnc milling manufacturers achieve batch processing?

We all know that the cnc machining center is developed from the CNC milling machine. The main difference between it and the CNC milling machine is that the cnc machining center can automatically change the tool. The manufacturer can install the tool by installing different machining tools on the tool magazine. The clamp changes the machining tool of the spindle through the automatic tool changer to realize the processing functions of various processes. The cnc machining center is composed of physical machinery and software control system, so it has higher processing when processing complex parts. effectiveness. Our previous article mentioned that in the state where the spindle is in space, the cnc machining center generally has a vertical machining center and a horizontal machining center. According to the physical rigidity, it can be divided into a line rail machine and a hard rail machine tool. Divided into single-column gantry machine and double-column gantry machine. In the production process, involving materials, costs, processes, the number of uses, etc., many parts can not be processed in large quantities by machinery, so that certain special processes are required to be processed in small and small batches. There may be some manual processing involved, and the general small batch processing will be realized by simple mold, fast abrasive tool and vacuum silicone mold. Small batch processing generally uses conventional processing machinery such as car, milling, planing, grinding, pliers, etc., and representative industries include aerospace, shipbuilding, construction machinery and machine tools, because these areas generally do not have too much batch size. Parts requirements, large-volume and large-scale representative products include the automotive industry, engine rotors, communication parts, and shaft core parts. CNC batch processing is useful for small batch production, which can save time and material costs and speed up the time-to-market. Small batch production is inseparable from the hand model, and the hand model is the premise of small batch processing, while the small batch processing is based on the hand model. Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with more than 40 high-precision cnc machining centers. It also has more than 100 sets of CNC milling machining centers, core-type CNC lathes and CNC-type lathes. It can be suitable for large quantities. Parts with complex structures and high precision requirements, as well as parts with arcs and tapers, can respond quickly to user needs and closely follow the user’s production process. In terms of customization and batch processing, the advantages are significant in the industry. When the engineering team receives the user’s drawings for process analysis, it takes into account the process of the machining process, using a reasonable machine tool for production, and the core-type CNC Lathes and turning-milling and machining centers have the performance of a variety of processes in a single clamping process, so the processing advantages are more obvious.