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How much do you know about the sheet metal processing technology of CNC metal stamping presses?

The sheet metal processing stamping of CNC punching machine is an important part of sheet metal processing, and the CNC punching machine can replace the processing capacity of the past three punching machines. Greatly increased productivity. The CNC punch press is a versatile machine tool with a single punch and a turret. CNC turret punch […]

CNC machining center finishing common problems and solutions

In recent years, the numerical control technology has become more and more mature, and the machining precision of CNC machining centers as processing equipment is getting higher and higher, and the finishing ability of machining centers is getting stronger and stronger. Finished workpiece surfaces often have defects, so what should be done after problems occur […]

Difficulties in turning CNC machining center in CNC programming

At the same time of the rapid development of the technology of turning and milling composite machining center, it also puts forward higher requirements for its corresponding numerical control programming technology, which is also an important factor that restricts the equipment of turning and milling composite machining center in actual production and application. Since the […]

CNC lathe parts processing technology analysis process

Today’s production era is the era of numerical control. The processing of lathe machines is also a technology. The processing of parts has its artistic nature and has certain displayability. The analysis process of CNC lathe processing technology is the process of analyzing artistic creation. CNC lathe processing CNC lathe processing technology analysis process: First, […]

How a automotive car is manufactured by metal stamping process

At present, the manufacturing departments of many manufacturing enterprises adopt the OEM model, and they are the most famous in the field of design, development and sales of control products. The most famous one is the OEM between Apple and Foxconn. However, the traditional automobile industry still regards the manufacturing sector as the core competitiveness. […]

What are the factors that affect the processing efficiency of CNC machining?

The cutting efficiency of CNC machining is affected by human factors, environmental factors and machine factors. Below we talk about the amount of cutting and the influence of the tool on the CNC machining. Reasonable cutting amount can improve the efficiency of CNC numerical control lathe. When the cutting speed is increased by 10 times […]

What do CNC machining manufacturers do when it is difficult to process hard materials?

In the field of precision CNC machining, there are many materials that can be processed, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, peek, which are relatively common materials, but there are many users in the industry because the products are special, only for the products. The materials also have different requirements, such […]

What are the steps in the cnc CNC machining programming process?

Cnc numerical control programming is an important part of the CNC machining preparation stage. Under normal circumstances, it includes analyzing part drawings, determining the machining process, calculating the routing route, obtaining the tool position data, writing the CNC machining program, making the control medium, proofreading program and The first piece of production, etc., programming is […]

What are the surface post finishing processes for stainless steel precision machined parts?

A large number of stainless steel plates are used in modern decorative engineering and precision machining. Many parts need to be surface treated after processing. Many friends think that stainless steel does not need surface treatment. In fact, this view is wrong. Shenzhen VIM Precision Technology specializes in the precision machining of stainless steel plates. […]