Which parts can be manufactured by CNC machining

1, CNC machining processing is generally processing those types of small and medium-sized parts. With the gradual decline in the processing and manufacturing costs of CNC machining centers, the processing of large quantities of parts has emerged, both domestically and abroad. When processing small batches and single-piece production, if the program can be shortened 2. CNC machining parts with high precision requirements. Since the CNC machining center has good rigidity, high manufacturing precision, accurate tool setting, and convenient size compensation, it can process parts with high dimensional accuracy. 3. CNC machining can process parts with small surface roughness. 4. Parts with complex contours. 5, the ordinary three-axis machining center can do all kinds of planes, curved surfaces, concave cavity, convex shape, the most common is the mold and mold parts 6, more advanced five-axis machining center can do more things, basically all parts can be done, even ordinary lathes, CNC lathe workpieces can be processed.