Xiaomi products and Laser cutting

As everyone knows, everyone knows that the Xiaomi bracelet has three LED indicators that can display blue, green, red and orange, but how does the light shine out? The answer is laser cutting. The laser cutting uses a high power density laser beam to irradiate the processing material, so that the material is rapidly heated to the vaporization temperature to form an evaporation hole, the efficiency is high, the cutting quality is good, and the roundness is good, and is particularly suitable for micro deep hole processing. Using the laser cutting technology, the aluminum alloy surface of the millet hand is processed into micropores with a diameter of about 35 um, and light is also transmitted from the holes. In recent years, with the rapid development of the 3C industry, the frequency of product upgrades has been accelerating, and higher requirements have been placed on the production process of electronic products. Laser cutting is one of the important technologies for 3C machining and application. Laser cutting can be used in cell phones, laptops, PCBs, headphones and other electronic products. Using traditional computerized boring technology, the surface of the material is easy to protrude, the edge of the hole is burr, and laser cutting can avoid such problems. As long as the computer program is set on the graphic that needs to be punched, a beam of light flashes, the quality is high, and the roundness of the micro hole is successfully completed. Similar to the micro-holes on the bracelet, CNC can’t achieve machining accuracy, and laser processing is a clear advantage. The modern laser cutting machine has high-performance operation, adjustable process speed and positioning, and can achieve the best manufacturing precision. It is suitable for electromechanical equipment, stainless steel products, kitchen and bathroom, lamps, accessories, auto parts, glasses, hardware tools. Wait.