How VIM ensure CNC milling machining turning efficiency?

In the face of Sino-US trade frictions, the Chinese have enough confidence and determination to win this war without smoke. Doing your own business, expanding domestic domestic demand, stabilizing your customers, and ensuring the high precision and high efficiency of each batch of parts processing is something that each of us should do. However, in the production of parts, there is often a high rate of scrap. It wastes raw materials and delays the delivery time of customers. Below we analyze the process, process and process flow of CNC milling machine in mechanical parts processing: First, the understanding of the process, process, and work steps in the machining of CNC milling machine parts: Before programming, it is necessary to divide the processing steps, so we must understand the concept of process, process and work step. The process of making raw materials into products is called a process. The entire process consists of several processes, which are workpiece machining processes that are continuously performed by one or a group of workers at a work site. The process can be divided into several steps. For the CNC milling machine, one step refers to one continuous cutting. Second, the division of the process, process, and work steps in the machining of mechanical parts of CNC milling machines: the processing of the workpiece to the workpiece requires several steps, and sometimes it takes several steps in one process. For example, a template needs to be roughed, semi-finished, finished, drilled, reamed, and reamed. It can be arranged in one process and divided into several steps by a CNC milling machine. The programming of CNC milling machines is based on work steps, and one process requires a machining program. Generally, the workpiece is machined on a CNC milling machine. The whole process should be completed in one setup as much as possible. The basis of the process division is as follows: (1) Divide the process according to the principle of the first hole and the back hole. When machining a workpiece with a hole in the face, in order to improve the machining accuracy of the hole, the surface should be machined first and then the hole should be machined. This is the same as for a normal machine. (2) Divide the process by roughing and finishing. For workpieces with high machining accuracy requirements, the coarse and fine machining should be carried out separately, so that various deformations caused by roughing can be recovered. It takes a while for the recovery of the rough machining workpiece to be deformed, and should not be arranged immediately after rough machining. finishing. (3) Divide the process according to the tool used. CNC milling machines, especially CNC milling machines without a tool magazine, in order to reduce the number of tool changes, you can use the same process to process the same part on the workpiece and then use another knife. Processing other parts.