What are the causes of cracks in the precision metal stamping?

VIM Technology produces precision stamping parts, gaskets, small pieces of hardware, and plug pieces. Based on years of stamping experience, VIM technicians talked about the causes of cracks in the precision stamping parts. 1. Failure to understand the characteristics of the precision stamping material and the supply state of the raw material will cause the workpiece to crack; 2. When the workpiece is heat treated, it is not fixed by the clamp; it causes deformation; 3. When the bending line is the same as the rolling direction, the workpiece will be prone to necking and cracking; 4, the design of the bending radius of the workpiece is smaller than the thick plate, it is easy to produce cracks; 5, the size of the bending angle; These are the reasons for the occurrence of wrinkles in the processing precision stampings.