Four Common metal stamping process

The use of stamping equipment for precision stamping of stretch forming, including: stretching, re-stretching, reverse stretching and thinning and stretching. Precision stamping part drawing: Using a platen device, a part or all of the flat material is pulled into the concave mold cavity by the punching force of the punch to form the bottomed container. The processing of the side wall of the container in parallel with the stretching direction is a simple drawing process, and the drawing processing of a conical (or pyramidal) shaped container, a hemispherical container, a parabolic surface container, etc., further includes a stretching process. Further precision drawing of the stamping part: that is, a deep drawing product which cannot be completed by one drawing processing, the stretched formed product needs to be stretched again to increase the depth of the forming container. Reverse precision stamping part drawing: The drawing workpiece in the previous step is reverse-stretched, and the inside of the workpiece becomes the outer side, and the outer diameter thereof is made smaller. Thinning precision stamping part drawing process: the formed container is squeezed into the concave mold cavity which is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the container by the punch, so that the outer diameter of the bottomed container is made smaller, and the wall thickness is thinned, and the wall thickness is removed. The deviation, in turn, makes the surface of the container smooth.