Analysis: the core secret of Foxconn

The basis of modern industrial manufacturing is mold manufacturing, which is a new technology industry with high technology content. In the mold industry in Europe and the United States and other countries is called the magnetic industry, mold is the source and power to promote economic development, is the secret of the entire industrial development. China’s understanding of the mold industry is relatively late, and its development is relatively slow, but now with the development of industry, enterprises are paying more and more attention to mold development. When talking about China’s mold development, I have to mention a company, Hongzhun, which is known as Foxconn. It takes half a year or more for other companies to develop a mold, and Foxconn can only be as fast as two days. It took 48 hours to develop a new mold, which seems unlikely in this manufacturing industry, but Foxconn led by Guo Taiming did it. This is the result of technological development. In general, the traditional mold industry develops a set of molds, each of which is independent. The first step is computer graphics, in the design, and then into mechanical operations, so mold manufacturing has to go through at least three processes. This requires a lot of manpower, and also lengthens the cycle of mold development. In the 1990s, Guo Taiming saw the drawbacks of traditional mold manufacturing, requiring Foxconn’s R&D personnel to overcome technical problems and change the process of mold development. Foxconn’s technicians have established a complete mold development database, which gradually integrates all the links of traditional mold manufacturing into one link, which makes the mold manufacturing from the original three people become as long as one person can complete, which greatly saves time. ,save costs. In today’s world, there are only a few companies in Japan and Germany who have mastered this technology, but their application is not ideal, not too stable. Foxconn currently masters the world’s most advanced mold system, coupled with Foxconn’s unique mold database, which greatly shortens the mold production cycle, increases the stability of the mold system, and saves enterprise costs. This is one of Foxconn’s core competitiveness. . One of the most important strategies of the Foxconn Group in mold making is to cut the mold process and distribute it to different people. That is to say, the mold design, the mold part manufacturing and the mold assembly are all broken into several parts, and finally, after the completion, the system is connected in series, so that one mold can be analyzed, and the best mold manufacturing solution can be found. In this way, any mold can be analyzed thoroughly at Foxconn. Just put the parameters in it and you can make the corresponding product. Since then, Foxconn’s mold manufacturing has been specialized in the integration of the system, and the data of all stages of mold integration has been put into the mold database. Foxconn currently has more than 100,000 sets of mold materials, and has developed more than 100,000 sets of molds. Many design solutions are directly called from the database. Finally, they are combined to become a complete mold, which is also possible that Foxconn can manufacture within 48 hours. The reason for the mold. For such a mold development process, Foxconn invested a lot of manpower and material resources before and after, and it took more than 20 years to have today’s development system. With such a complete mold development system, Foxconn can complete the manufacture of any mold and complete it quickly and efficiently. This is the secret of Foxconn’s ability to quickly develop molds.