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Which parts can be manufactured by CNC machining

1, CNC machining processing is generally processing those types of small and medium-sized parts. With the gradual decline in the processing and manufacturing costs of CNC machining centers, the processing of large quantities of parts has emerged, both domestically and abroad. When processing small batches and single-piece production, if the program can be shortened 2. […]

Glass laser cutting technology

As a kind of advanced processing technology, laser cutting has been widely used in industrial production. Generally, metal is the main target of laser cutting. Other materials include plastic, ceramic, silicon wafer and glass. Today’s main content is CO2 laser cutting glass technology, laser cutting glass technology has the following characteristics 1. Glass absorbs infrared […]

Laser cutting machine applications

There are many ways to cut metal. In addition to traditional shearing machines, water cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, etc., there are many highly intelligent laser cutting machine brand systems. The most striking of these is the laser. Cutting machine, which adopts intelligent numerical control system, controls the cutting head through computer program, can realize […]

How VIM ensure CNC milling machining turning efficiency?

In the face of Sino-US trade frictions, the Chinese have enough confidence and determination to win this war without smoke. Doing your own business, expanding domestic domestic demand, stabilizing your customers, and ensuring the high precision and high efficiency of each batch of parts processing is something that each of us should do. However, in […]

A brief story of CNC prototype in VIM

The four characteristics of the cnc prototype production in Vim. It’s high quality. To achieve the high quality of the products, the prototype machine itself must have good quality, good stability, consistency of the products, and to ensure longevity, moisture resistance and wear resistance. Its low cost. This requires low-cost manufacturing and low-cost supply of […]

Mold making in metal stamping

I. Overview This paper mainly summarizes the routine processes and methods in the process of mold customization in metal stamping. 1 Scope Pre-preparation, mold making, and finishing procedures and methods for mold customization in metal stamping 2. Limitations Did not discuss frequently encountered problems and solutions Did not discuss the practice of the fixed industry […]