The details that you should pay attention to during the prototype making process

An important function of prototype is to verify whether the design of the drawings is reasonable. If a product is designed without a structure or function, Verification, a lot of production, and then discover the design flaws of its products. This will cause huge economic losses. So what details do we need to pay attention to during the prototype proofing process? 1. When bonding ABS prototype , pay attention to the amount of glue used more or less, do not crack 2. The production process and drawings should be carefully seen 3. Hand grinding to grasp the dimensional accuracy of the prototype 4. When the acrylic prototype is bonded, do not crack or bubble. 5. Do not bond the wrong place during assembly, do not have misplacement and clearance 6. When the PC prototype is placed in the oven or blown with a wind cylinder, the temperature should not be too high. 7. POM, nylon, aluminum alloy prototype can not be bonded, because the glue of these three materials is not stable, so try not to use CNC to process parts. 8. The grinding of the product workpiece with R angle should not be made into a right angle, and there is a place where the edge of the workpiece has a curvature. 9. Do not have the phenomenon of color difference, paint falling, etc. in the injection, control the dust point during oil adjustment and fuel injection. 10. Do not deform or shrink the mold, do not have too many bubbles, consider the degree of shrinkage