Simple guideline on how to choose the best CNC machining factory

There are currently more than a thousand CNC machining factories in Shenzhen, but the strength of each factory is not the same. There may be hundreds of people in the larger hand factory, and there may be only a few people in the smaller ones. Which CNC machining factory in Shenzhen is good? This is still the benevolent seeing the wise and seeing wisdom. Gear CNC machining What factors should we pay attention to when looking for processing in the CNC machining factory? 1. Look at the price: Through the comparison of the quotations of several CNC machining factories, to understand what the price of the CNC machining you have to do is not necessarily cheap, just do your best. 2. Look at the effect: the equipment is good, the CNC machining products made by the mature technology is good. So we can go to the site to see the CNC machining model made by each CNC machining factory to see if the quality meets your requirements. 3. Look at the cooperation customers: the strong CNC machining factory can cooperate with the big company. You can go and see what their customers have, and can reflect the comprehensive strength of a company from the side. Copper CNC machining When doing the CNC machining, it is important to pay attention to quality. This is very important. If the quality of the CNC machining is poor, it will affect the product verification. It will also affect the subsequent mold opening. The price of the mold is not It’s cheap, if there is a problem, it will cause a lot of cost loss, don’t lose it because of the small. Delivery is also very important, sometimes more urgent design to do the CNC machining, the project requires a few days to make the CNC machining in this case, do not choose a small CNC machining factory to do, the small factory is the delivery date is There is no guarantee. If the CNC machining you are doing is for exhibiting, once the delivery period is not reached, it will be very costly. When choosing the Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, we must look at the number of equipment, the level of appearance processing, and the cooperation customers. As long as we compare them carefully, we can find good CNC machining manufacturers. Plastic CNC machining production generally requires surface finishing, and fuel injection is an important part. Bluetooth small speaker CNC machining Choose a better hand factory to do the hand board, you can get the hand model in the time required by the engineer, and have time to improve the structural design, so that you can participate in some large-scale consumer electronics exhibitions, such as last year’s CES exhibition. After getting a big order, you can start mass production of the mold.