Making prototype by CNC Machining in China

CNC prototype making can use ABS, POM, PC, PA, metal and other materials to process samples to meet different customer needs. In particular, samples processed with high quality, high density engineering materials have very good strength and toughness. Precision machining of aluminum alloy prototype CNC prototype production costs: 1.CNC processing consumables directly use real materials such as ABS and PP, and the material cost is low; 2. However, the CNC process needs to be programmed and split. Usually, a CNC equipment needs to be equipped with 3-4 personnel, and the labor cost is large. Therefore, the cost of the CNC prototype depends mainly on the complexity of the parts and the material consumption. The more complex the parts, the greater the workload required for splitting and programming, the more complex the post-processing steps, the more man-hours required, and the higher the manufacturing cost. prototype classification: 1, according to the production method can be divided into CNC prototype and 3D printing prototype. CNC prototype: its workload is mainly CNC CNC machining production; 3D printing hand board: made with 3D printer, convenient and fast. 2. According to the material properties, it can be divided into three types: plastic prototype, silicone prototype and metal prototype. (1), plastic prototype: its raw materials are plastic, mainly the prototype shell of some plastic products. (2), silicone hand: its raw material is silica gel, mainly to display the button or seal of the product. (3) Metal prototype : The raw material is metal material such as aluminum-magnesium alloy. CNC prototype making benefits: 1. Design inspection: Before the new product has been developed, do a small amount of samples to test, so as to find out the shortcomings and improve the new product. 2, structure production: structural prototype is also called the function of the prototype, can be directly sold as a product in the market. 3. Participate in the exhibition: When there is no product, you can display it with the model of the prototype, do the propaganda work in the early stage, and even get the order.