What company should make prototype?

Whether it is for visual inspection, for exhibiting, or for graduation design, self-appreciation, anyway, a prototype is a must-have before the mold opening. Aluminum alloy hand plate black oxidation When the prototype is proofing, we have to look at the specific size of the drawing and the difficulty of processing. If it is a large piece or an aluminum alloy part, it depends on its complexity and difficulty. If the structure is more complicated, it cannot be directly machined. How to process, hardware programming will also affect the accuracy of the later hand. Large plastic hand-plate parts should be considered for disassembly processing, which requires glue bonding and then grinding; if the structure is relatively simple, it can be done directly, and the cost is relatively lower, and the strength of the hand-made board is better. VIM factory plays the role of inheriting the past and the future, and comprehensively considers the whole cycle of product design positioning, cost control, manufacturing, quality inspection, publicity display, marketing, etc., with far-reaching influence. Appearance model Which industries need to do the hand model before opening the mold? 1. Digital home appliances: monitors, humidifiers, juicers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, etc. 2. Toy crafts: crafts, travel supplies, custom gifts, car models, etc. 3. Medical industry: medical equipment, beauty tools, fitness equipment, etc. 4. Communication security: mobile phones, cash machines, access control, speedometers, cameras, etc. 5. Car traffic: car lights, bumpers, charging piles, electric cars, etc. Mobile power charging box hand board Because the prototype is unique and direct, it can intuitively reflect the rationality of the structure and the ease of installation. It also facilitates early detection of problems and problem solving, thus avoiding the risk of direct mold opening. The special importance of the prototype can help us use prototype to promote the mold before the development of the mold, even the early sales, production preparation, and early market occupation. As long as engineers in the industrial manufacturing industry develop new products, they need to look at the new products, and they need to use the hand model proofing. The purpose of doing the hand can be roughly classified into the following two reasons: 1-test the structure of the new product, find design defects, reduce the risk of mold opening; 2, let the customer see the appearance and function of the new product, and do the mold opening for the later stage of the product. ready. Laser projector prototype prototype production should follow the production concept of quality plus delivery period, actively improve the process, reduce costs and reduce risks for enterprises, so as to win the favor of customers.