Laser cutting technology makes home appliances production better

Since its inception, laser cutting machine has been a hot topic in society, because it is widely used, from the simplest sheet metal processing, to billboard cutting, metal lighting, kitchen and bathroom industries, etc., laser cutting. Did you know that the household appliances we use every day, their metal parts and electrical cabinets are all laser cut? In electrical products, sheet metal parts account for almost 30{79e4fc1217237f34a2b6b85aa45956718364b30a56d5d5602af9cce4e6b77030} of all product parts. The traditional techniques of cutting, chamfering, opening and trimming are backward, which directly affects product quality and production costs. The laser cutting machine has the incomparable flexibility and processing precision of the traditional processing method. Because it adopts “contactless processing”, it does not need mold making and cost, and the processing graphics are made by software and various patterns. Therefore, laser cutting technology can effectively improve product quality, reduce production costs, reduce labor intensity, improve traditional sheet metal processing technology, and bring better production benefits to manufacturers. With the intelligent development of the home appliance industry, in the electrical manufacturing process, the sheet metal parts and parts requirements are more and more refined, and the shape is complex and the process is difficult. Laser cutting technology can effectively meet the above requirements. From the perspective of industrial development, the deep application of laser cutting in the home appliance industry will become a trend. Technology makes life better! Smartphones, computers, kitchen utensils, home appliances… Laser technology is constantly infiltrating into every aspect of our lives.