How does a startup make a prototype?

Some startups or R&D teams are hoping to open a market with a product when they start, so they will find a factory for prototype, and samples can be inspected before they can be used for mass production. . ABS prototype However, startups generally do not have much financial support, and they hope to find a hand-made company with high quality and low price. These entrepreneurs actually know that before the model is opened, they first look for a few Shenzhen prototype factories to compare, and after a number of comparisons, they decide which one to do. The whole process of proofing is also very long. Charging treasure board model The proofing cost of the prototype seems to be a lot. In fact, if the prototype is ready, you can save a lot of time, and you can avoid the huge risk of opening the mold. If you open the mold directly, if you want to repair the mold and change the mold, you will lose money and time. More. prototype processing When a startup chooses a prototype processing factory, you can first determine the 3D drawings, then look at the prototype you want to do. What process is required, whether it is 3D printing or CNC machining, what needs to be done after processing, you can visit several hand boards. Factory, do more comparisons, and then choose the right one.