CNC prototype making

The metal prototype includes aluminum alloy prototype, copper prototype, iron prototype, and stainless steel prototype. These prototypes are all metal, so the material cost is a little more expensive, and the CNC is more difficult, and the grinding time is more time-consuming, so the processing cost Not as cheap as a regular plastic prototype. Metal hardware prototype processing The processing precision of aluminum alloy prototype is generally required to be plus or minus 0.05mm. The CNC metal prototype production process is as follows: First, CNC programming: the programmer writes the operating language of the CNC machine according to the 3D 3D map and 2d drawings; Second, CNC machining: the operator inputs the operating language of the CNC machine into the computer and starts processing; Aluminum alloy prototype processing Third, manual grinding: check drawings, deburring, bonding, polishing and polishing; Fourth, the appearance of treatment: commonly used for painting, silk screen, electroplating, laser engraving, oxidation, drawing, etc.; 5. Assembly: After the processing is completed, the installation and cooperation test is carried out; Hardware prototype making Aluminum alloy prototype is the preferred type of prototype for most companies. It is a commonly used metal material for prototype model processing. Because of its low density, aluminum alloy is lighter, but it has higher strength and can be processed into various profile fixtures. Even after surface treatment such as sand blasting, the appearance becomes very beautiful.