What is the working principle of the laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting replaces traditional mechanical tools with invisible beams. It has the advantages of high precision, fast cutting speed, no restriction on cutting pattern, automatic material saving, smooth cutting and low processing cost, and will gradually improve or replace traditional metal cutting equipment. So what is the working principle of the laser cutting machine? The following is your explanation. The laser cutting machine is the latest technology and has been widely used in all walks of life, including metal cutting, glass cutting and engraving. Laser is a kind of light, just like the electroluminescence in nature, it is the transformation of atoms (molecular or ion kites). What is caused is caused by spontaneous radiation. Although the laser is very light, it is significantly different from ordinary light. The laser relies on spontaneous emission only for a very short period of time. The subsequent process is completely determined by the excitation radiation. Therefore, the laser has a very pure color and has almost no divergence. The engraving machine has a very high luminous intensity and the laser has high coherence. High intensity, high directivity, after the laser generates laser light, it is transmitted by the mirror and irradiated onto the object to be processed through the collecting mirror, so that the object to be treated (surface) is subjected to strong heat energy and the temperature is sharply increased. Due to the high temperature, this point melts or evaporates quickly, and the trajectory of the laser head is used for processing purposes. The application of laser processing technology in the advertising industry is mainly divided into two working modes: laser cutting and laser engraving. For each working mode, there are some different places in the operation process. Laser engraving Mainly on the surface of objects, divided into bitmap engraving and vector engraving: 2. Bitmap engraving We first hang the graphics we need to sculpt and convert them into a monochrome BMP format in PHOTOSHOP, then open the graphics file in dedicated laser engraving and cutting software. According to the materials we have processed, we can set the appropriate parameters, and then click to run, the laser engraving machine will engrave according to the lattice effect produced by the graphic file. 3. Vector engraving Using vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Iluustrator and other typographic designs, the graphics are exported to PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, and then the graphic file is opened using dedicated laser cutting engraving software and transmitted to the laser engraving machine for processing. Mainly used in the advertising industry for wood, two-color panels, plexiglass, processed color paper and other materials. 4. Laser cutting We can understand that it is the separation of the edges. For this purpose, we should first create the graphics in the form of vector lines in CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, pneumatic marking machines, and then save them in the corresponding PLT, DXF format, open the file with the laser cutting machine operating software, according to We can set the processing materials using parameters such as energy and speed. After receiving the instructions from the computer, the laser cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software. For example, the existing golden laser cutting machine can draw the template according to the computer, and then Directly input into the computer to automatically cut graphics, the existing laser cutting machine generally has its own hard disk, you can input a large number of data sources. Concise and convenient. 5. Features of laser cutting As a new processing method, laser processing is widely used in leather, textile and garment industry due to its advantages of precise processing, fast, simple operation and high degree of automation. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser laser cutting machine not only price Low cost, low consumables, and laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece. The effect of cutting the product, precision and cutting speed are very good, it also has operational safety and maintenance simplicity. It can work 24 hours a day. The dust-free cloth non-woven fabric cut by laser laser machine does not yellow, the automatic edge is not scattered, no deformation, no hardening, the same size and precision; can cut any complicated shape; high efficiency, low cost Computer design graphics can cut lace of any size in any size, and rapid development: Thanks to the combination of laser and computer technology, users can design laser engraving outputs and change engravings at any time, as long as they are designed on a computer.