3D printing VS CNC machining

Which one is faster? 3d printing VS CNC machining. 3d printing and feeding is a layer stacking process, and CNC material reduction is like a newly unearthed diamond, which requires the sculptor to carefully and slowly engrave the model as an ornament. Specifically, this time is faster and you need to view the printed items. 3d printing is more advantageous in printing complex shapes and special shape structures such as curves and hollow structures, while CNC machining structures are simpler and more advantageous. Each has its own advantages. In terms of speed, it depends on the specific model structure compared to the CNC. Simple models, such as digging holes in a square, of course, CNC speed is faster. But in more complex models, 3d printing will be faster. There are many faces in the model. When using 3-axis CNC machining, the machined surface needs to be manually turned over, but no one needs to be viewed during 3D printing and machining. At the same time, due to the complexity of the model, CNC milling is more difficult and less time consuming than 3D printing. Therefore, 3d printing is faster than CNC in this model. In another case, CNC machining can only print one model at a time, while 3d printing can print multiple models at the same time. If it is multiple parts, 3d printing is faster. The above is a quick analysis of 3D printing and CNC machining for you, I hope to provide you with a reference.