Application of grinding and cleaning in metal machining

Metal-worked products are very common in daily life. In order to improve the aesthetics of metal-worked parts, polishing and grinding processes are often used. In polishing materials, the surface of the workpieces must be polished to the surface of the workpiece. In addition to grinding and polishing abrasives, a variety of grinding aids, such as polishing slurry, polishing brightener, cleaning agent, rust inhibitor, etc., are required, and the cleaning agent is the first product to clean the surface of the workpiece. Metal grinding Grinding cleaning agent is composed of a variety of chemical active agents. It is scientifically produced and has no harm to the metal surface, and has no special protection requirements for users. The abrasive cleaning agent acts as an auxiliary grinding action for cleaning the grinding environment in the polishing process of the polishing and polishing machine. It is mainly used to clean the surface of the workpiece and the surface of the abrasive. The workpiece treated with the abrasive cleaner has a certain anti-rust effect on the surface of the workpiece. The grinding and cleaning agent has a good cleaning effect on the grinding and polishing abrasives and the scraps generated by polishing the workpiece during grinding and polishing, and plays a great role in maintaining and improving the gloss of the surface of the workpiece and enhancing the brightness and cleanliness of the surface of the workpiece. . Metal grinding cleaner Grinding cleaning agent is an important grinding aid in polishing abrasive materials, which can keep the workpiece in the grinding container and the grinding environment to keep it clean during surface grinding and polishing. Grinding cleaning agent also plays an important role in the grinding and polishing process. It can soften the surface of the workpiece to accelerate the processing speed of the workpiece surface, reduce the impact and scratch of the abrasive polishing abrasive on the workpiece, and improve the grinding during the polishing process. The friction condition of the polishing abrasive during operation. Grinding cleaning agent is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-deteriorating grinding aid. For transportation convenience, it is generally barrel-based. Grinding and cleaning effect The amount of detergent used in use should be determined by a number of factors. It is undeniable that during the surface grinding and polishing process of the workpiece, the main function of the grinding cleaning agent is to clean the surface of the workpiece. In the process of grinding and polishing, it often encounters oily or rusted workpieces. For such workpieces, after adding abrasive cleaning agent, it can create a better grinding and polishing process for the environment in the grinding process and increase the workpiece. The surface is cleaned and the polishing time of the workpiece is reduced.