What is laser cutting? What are its applications?

Laser cutting is the use of a particularly high-density beam of light to illuminate the material being cut so that the material is quickly heated to vaporization. When the material is heated, some holes are formed. And then the evaporating speed of light moves over the material and the holes are formed continuously. The cutting of the material is finally completed. Need to tell everyone about the cost of cutting equipment. He is quite expensive, and each piece of equipment is about 1.5 million yuan. However, since the technology was used in large quantities in the enterprise, its cost price has also dropped, but he is still very expensive. Since this cutting technique does not require a tool, these devices are also used for small batch production, and some cannot process parts of various sizes. Brought to introduce you to laser cutting 哒. The principle of its principle is very simple to use. You can have a high-density beam, and the workpiece will quickly melt and vaporize or reach the ignition point. Thereby cutting the workpiece. It is one of the methods of thermal cutting. This cutting can be performed by dividing the number of cuts, cutting, and oxidizing the cuts for a very short period of time to allow the workpiece to reach its boiling point, thereby forming a slit. Yes, the Mid-Autumn Festival breaks up, mostly used Xing Bo’s materials such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic, rubber and other cutting. How to cut is to use a laser to heat the material, and then spray some non-oxidizing gas through the coaxial nozzle of the beam, and rely on the pressure of the gas to discharge the liquid metal to form a gap. This cutting does not require the material to be completely vaporized, so the energy required is only 10{ec7b4eaba9b93c1d1818e56d037a7bd5060acd8bbffe9e00d56fc6169c59d028} of the vaporization cut. Oxygen cutting is similar to acetylene cutting. He uses a laser as a heat source to make some active gases such as oxygen. The gas ejected by the cutting gas, on the one hand, oxidizes the cutting metal, releases a large amount of oxidizing heat to melt the workpiece, etc. You can also let the molten metal blow out. Careful to make a gap because in the current process, the oxidation reaction emits a lot of heat, so the energy required in the block stage is only 50{ec7b4eaba9b93c1d1818e56d037a7bd5060acd8bbffe9e00d56fc6169c59d028} of the melt cut. Moreover, the speed is much greater than that of vaporized cutting and melt cutting. You have a lot of advantages with now, cutting speed is fast, and the quality is high. The high quality is mainly reflected in the cutting mouth, and the straight edge of the cutting opening is parallel. This critical size can reach 0.05mm. In fact, the surface is smooth and beautiful. He can make the final step of the essay process, and at the end of the cutting, there is no need for any mechanical polishing and polishing. Moreover, he does not need to contact the rain palace sister when cutting, so there is no such thing as wearing the workpiece. Moreover, he does not need tools when cutting, so it is very convenient.