Laser cutting application in the smart phone industry

The speed of mobile phone replacement is faster than expected. With the development of mobile phones, there are more and more mobile phone users. It can be said that the traditional manufacturing process has been unable to keep up with the processing progress. So how does the laser cutting machine help the development of the touch screen mobile phone industry? The first is the mobile phone screen. The comprehensive screen and the bang of the “Liu Hai” screen have made the major manufacturers rush to imitate, but this is more strict with the manufacturing process. The cutting of the mobile phone screen is extremely important, accurate, suitable, accurate and undoubted. Make the perfect phone. Laser cutting can easily solve this problem. Laser cut mobile phone tempered film The second is the protective film of the mobile phone. The protective film can be said to be the second screen of the mobile phone, and its materials include PC, PVC, PET, AR, and the like. But the popularity of laser technology has made this all the more complicated. Laser cutting machines can cut a variety of materials, both in terms of cutting accuracy and cutting efficiency, and play an irreplaceable role. There is also the cutting of the laser body, whether it is the processing of various precision parts or the grinding of the whole frame, can achieve high efficiency and beautiful, can also reduce the weight of the body and reduce the volume of the mobile phone body. Laser cutting technology improves the traditional production process, makes mobile phone processing more in line with the needs of contemporary production standardization, and replaces labor with automated machinery to create a safer and more reliable production mode. It is not only a decompression for manufacturers, but also an important means of promoting the price of mobile phones.