Mold design – sheet metal stamping process structure characteristics

The outstanding advantages of stamping processing have made it widely used in various industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances. The cover parts of the car, as small as watches and instruments, instrument components, are mostly processed by stamping. At present, the stamping products obtained by the cold stamping process occupy a very important position in modern automobiles, tractors, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, various electronic products and people’s daily lives. According to rough statistics, in the automobile manufacturing industry, 60{1d8a2c365ffc689a7880b1695f000798168d4e5e5e0143bcff88df95ff2ffb4a} to 70{1d8a2c365ffc689a7880b1695f000798168d4e5e5e0143bcff88df95ff2ffb4a} of the parts are made by stamping process; in the production of electromechanical, instrument and instrument, 60{1d8a2c365ffc689a7880b1695f000798168d4e5e5e0143bcff88df95ff2ffb4a}~70{1d8a2c365ffc689a7880b1695f000798168d4e5e5e0143bcff88df95ff2ffb4a} of the parts are finished by cold stamping process. In electronic products, the number of stamping parts accounts for more than 85{1d8a2c365ffc689a7880b1695f000798168d4e5e5e0143bcff88df95ff2ffb4a} of the total number of parts; in the production of aircraft, missiles, various bullets and shells, the proportion of stamping parts is also quite large. The metal products used in people’s daily life, the proportion of stamping parts is larger, such as pots, tableware, washing tanks, etc. are cold stamping products. In many advanced industrial countries, the stamping production and mold industry has received a high degree of attention. For example, the output value of the mold industry in the United States and Japan has surpassed the machine tool industry and has become an important industrial sector. The sheet metal stamping process has the following characteristics: 1 stamped products have good quality, such as smooth surface, high precision, stable size, good interchangeability; light weight, good rigidity and high strength; stamping process can also process workpieces that are difficult to process by other processing methods, such as thin shell parts. , with flanging, undulating, ribs and other workpieces. 2 stamped products do not require or require only a small amount of cutting, high material utilization, and low material cost of the workpiece. 3 high production efficiency, simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. Equipped with advanced production line, it can realize fully automatic mechanized operation of feeding, stamping, picking and scrap removal, with low labor intensity. 4 The mold used for stamping processing is generally complicated in structure, with long production cycle and high cost. Therefore, the stamping process is mostly used for batch and mass production, and single-piece and small-batch production is limited.