Introduction to metal stamping stainless steel punching net

Stainless steel achieves anti-corrosion function by adding trace elements to achieve the purpose of changing steel components. The galvanized coil is galvanized on the surface of ordinary steel sheets, and the purpose of anti-corrosion is achieved by sacrificing zinc. 200 ° C, 300 ° C is not a problem for the metal, look at the ambient atmosphere, there will be some very small impact, long wear resistance. Under many good advantages, it is very important to have high tensile strength and load-bearing capacity, a series of opening ratio, precise aperture, high corrosion resistance, especially suitable for decoration. The aluminum plate punching net has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, high strength and reasonable structure. Anti-wind deformation performance, anti-rain water leakage and air leakage resistance, seismic performance can meet structural design requirements; good weather resistance and UV resistance, color is very durable and stable, how to control the quality of steel plate punching net To the quality problem of steel plate punching net, my first thought is the responsibility of the company’s quality inspection department. But it takes a long time to change. I believe that everyone has the answer in the comparison of the above aspects. The quality of the stainless steel punching net is better, but the price of the galvanized sheet punching net is more advantageous. What environment do we use the product? 5. The above-ground air duct can flexibly change the distance of the air duct, the length and the number of strips, and adjust the layout of the air duct according to different ventilation purposes. 6. The interchangeability is strong, the assembled air duct is tightly connected and the connection is firm. Good overall, anti-extrusion, no leakage. Many users who need to use galvanized punching plates in large quantities want to know where to sell galvanized punching plates, because we all know that if they are purchased in large quantities, we will definitely have a lot of advantages. The surface of the coating has different sizes, different types of leakage plating, iron spots or point defects (except for process regulations). The galvanized layer is not pure enough, and the metal impurities constitute a galvanic cell on the surface of the zinc. When it is advantageous for hydrogen evolution, it is easy to cause black spots on the surface of the zinc layer. When the content of copper, iron, arsenic and the like in the galvanized layer is high, these impurities appear black after passivation treatment. The galvanizing solution contains inclusions or small black ash (carbon or carbon compound). The louver type design takes into account the characteristics of waterproofing and dustproofing. The viewpoint is set to 45°, and its sound absorption is not in the dust or rain environment. Affected, dust drainage measures have been set up in the structure to prevent water accumulation inside the components. Durable and durable punching net: The product design has fully considered the wind load on the road, the safety of the traffic vehicles and the open-air anti-corrosion of the whole climate. The perforated net products are made of glass wool, galvanized coil, aluminum alloy coil, and H steel column. Beautifully decorated orifice plate for environmentally-friendly tables and chairs, can be used for protective covers for mechanical equipment, gorgeous speaker grilles, grain, Adhered to the surface of the zinc layer or in the zinc layer, it is firmly bonded to the zinc layer. Dark spots are visible on the finished galvanized punching net. The surface of the original plate is not sufficiently treated to form a residue, so that some parts are not plated with zinc, which causes defects in the galvanized layer and easily falls off, thereby causing dark spots. Leakage occurs during galvanizing, and black spots are easily formed during post-treatment. Due to its good plasticity and thinning, the entire forging has a uniform wall thickness and the eccentricity is corrected. During the entire process, the board surface will be kept clean and tidy to achieve a good processing effect. . And can produce screens and sieve cylinders of various diameters. We have advanced CNC equipment that cuts the entire roll to the size you need. CNC hole preparation: stamping steel plate punching plate mesh specifications: coil thickness 0.2mm-1mm, length 1m-20m, aperture 0.8mm-10mm; “artisan spirit”, excellence, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection, heart punching , the network even everyone. White rust: The surface of the product is damp or rainy. At a certain temperature, zinc is oxidized to produce a white powder. The surface of the white rust-producing surface is greatly reduced in its anti-corrosion ability, affecting its use. The galvanized layer is uneven: the zinc layer on the galvanized surface is uneven, the thickness is uneven, and even small particles appear on the surface. Decorative ceilings and the like can not only comfortably and pleasantly work the environment, but also correctly shape and convey the corporate image and culture of the building owner according to different designs. The exterior wall decoration mesh is made of metal plate. The stainless steel perforated plate is customized according to your different use requirements. Its practical function can protect the building in addition to the decoration. The ceiling plate and the wall decoration plate There is also the role of silencer, etc., the protective baffle punching net – metal plate heating cover custom – let life return to good, the test is passive. Only in every part of the production process, strictly in accordance with the production process and drawing requirements, There is excess zinc on the surface of the strip from the galvanizing pot. These excess zinc is blown off with an air knife (spraying high pressure gas) to control the thickness of the zinc layer. The gas pressure of the air knife, the distance between the air knife and the strip, and the speed of the strip directly affect the thickness of the zinc layer. Football field lawn water seepage water filter, stainless steel round hole net filter and so on. All kinds of special-shaped orifice nets are used in food machinery, drying sieve plates, decorative ceilings, instrument cases, audio speakers, filter sound absorption and other equipment. Galvanized perforated plate Lightweight embossed round hole mesh for platforms, pedals, filters and various filter valves. The use of galvanized punching plate: can be widely used in mining, coal preparation, metallurgical industry, thermal power plant, shipbuilding and other parts of the funnel, drain, flap, inspection, transporting liquid, solid, solid-liquid mixture, passive . Only in every part of the production process, strictly in accordance with the production process and drawing requirements, If the gas supply is unstable or the air knife pressure is insufficient, the galvanized layer will be deposited, that is, zinc bismuth. Chromic acid dirt: In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the galvanized sheet, a very thin passivation layer is formed on the surface of the strip, which can be completed by chromic acid treatment, that is, chromizing. However, if the chromic acid is poorly treated and there is residual liquid, the surface of the galvanized sheet punching net will have a yellowish band or stain, or even dark spots. When we are tired, we will sit in the public seat and rest. This chair is the decorative galvanized punching plate deep-processing product produced by our factory. Because it is made of metal, the metal is relatively cool under normal temperature conditions. It is really suitable to sit in the summer. Everyone knows that the summer weather is hot and it is easy to sit for a long time. Sweating, wooden chairs are poorly breathable, and our round-hole net seats can help you alleviate this problem and keep you away from irritability this summer. In order to be aesthetically harmonized with the environment, the hole types that can be processed are: round holes, cross holes, plum holes, long holes, square holes, triangular holes, fish scale holes, Generally, the mechanical wear of the punching plate can be roughly divided into the following reasons: adhesion wear and rolling wear. Today, we will focus on the adhesion wear: between the contact surface of the shearing die and the metal, local adhesion occurs due to the pressure. When the contact surface slides relative to each other, the attached portion is sheared and causes wear. Adhesive wear, which is considered the main form of wear. This kind of adhesion wear is more severe when the temperature is high and the pressure is high and the lubrication condition is not good, and even the continuation phenomenon occurs. It has the ability of anti-oxidation and anti-PH3 corrosion, and has a long service life. 2. The cage of the grain storage ventilation is not only suitable for new warehouses, but also for the renovation of old warehouses, without destroying the floor, saving civil construction investment and construction time; The combination is easy to disassemble, saving time and effort. It occupies a small space and is easy to transport and store. 4. The air distributor has a novel structure and beautiful appearance. The opening ratio can reach 25-35. The overall air circulation of the above air duct is good, the strength is good, and it can withstand food and labor. The pressing of grain; in the electroplating reaction, a large number of bubbles are generated. If these bubbles are not removed in time, they are retained between the surface of the strip and the anode. Stainless steel will also rust under certain conditions. Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation – then it is stainless, and it also has the ability to corrode in acid, alkali, and salt-containing media – corrosion resistance. However, the size of its anti-corrosion ability is modified by the chemical composition of the steel itself, the inter-engagement conditions, the operating conditions and the type of environmental medium. Suitable for large shopping malls, hospitals, schools, factories, etc. After the metal plate heating cover is installed, not only can the overall aesthetics be improved, but the safety factor of the stainless steel punching plate is also greatly improved to avoid the occurrence of burns. Interior decorative ceiling panels – car 4S shop ceiling panels manufacturers custom – not ordinary, the current car 4S shop ceiling ceiling design is quite unique, that is, inheriting the ceiling design with galvanized sheet as the substrate, but also has its own unique style. According to the different brands of holes, there are long square holes, round holes, etc., the quality inspection work is not in place, there is sloppy, negligent. In fact, the root cause is that the problem should be the production of steel plate punching nets. For example, 304 steel pipe, in the dry and clean atmosphere, has a good anti-corrosion ability, but it will be moved to the seaside area, and in the sea fog rich in salt, it will soon rust; and 316 steel pipe Reflected well. Therefore, it is not any kind of stainless steel, it can resist corrosion and rust in any environment. Sound-absorbing and noise-reducing sound-absorbing panels for other noise sources, which can be used for sound absorbing materials for ceilings and wall panels of buildings, and can be used for decorative staircases, balconies, environmentally-friendly tables and chairs, and can be used for mechanical equipment protection. Cover, gorgeous speaker grille, grain, feed, mine mill screen, mine screen, I-screen, stainless steel fruit blue for kitchen equipment, food cover, fruit plate and other kitchen utensils, as well as store shelves, decorative display stand , ventilation and ventilation nets used in grain storage, dark spots and other defects. The stainless steel punching net is caused by poor deposition of metal ions in the plating process, adhesion of foreign matter or passivation of the passivation solution after passivation treatment. Stainless steel is a layer of extremely thin, solid and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) that prevents the continuous entry and continuous oxidation of oxygen atoms and achieves the ability to resist rust. Once there is some reason, the film is continuously damaged, the oxygen atoms in the air or liquid will continuously enter or the iron atoms in the metal will be continuously separated, forming loose iron oxide, and the metal appearance will be continuously rusted. . There are many ways in which this outer membrane is damaged. Traces of carbonaceous materials were also observed on a low-carbon transversely cast specimen of a low-carbon protective perforated sheet with a scanning electron microscope at the center of the loose portion. To this end, some of the high-quality carbon-free stainless steel mold slag is replaced by ultra-fine metal powder instead of carbonaceous material. The protective punching plate is used to control the melting speed of the mold flux. Therefore, in the selection of mold flux, it should be investigated in many aspects. And the test can be found to meet the high alkalinity of the various steel grades of stainless steel (the slag liquid has crystallization phenomenon during the solidification process, which is more affordable than the special requirements.