How is the price of CNC prototype calculated?

The birth of the prototype not only solves the design drawings and looks good, but also causes a lot of losses. It can detect the products before the mold is opened. It is the designer who understands the defects of the product design more clearly and optimizes them. And CNC prototype is the most commonly used processing method. Acoustic prototype The average customer is not only paying attention to the quality and delivery of the prototype when they are doing the prototype. The price of the prototype is also a concern of them. So today VIM will share with you how to calculate the processing in the CNC prototype factory! 1. The size of the prototype, the larger the general size of the product, the more materials to be used, the higher the price. 2. The complexity of the structure of the prototype, the general prototype will be divided into the appearance prototype and the structural prototype. The products with complex structure are difficult to process in the processing. Generally, the price will be relatively high. If the parts can be made, the price will be relatively low. . 3. The complexity of the prototype process, the finer the general process requirements, the more complex the hand-made process will be, the higher the price will be. 4. The processing materials of the prototype, different materials will have different prices when the basic conditions of the product are unchanged. Generally metal materials are more expensive than plastics, and some special materials will be higher in price. 5. Is there a tax included in the price? All of the above factors are affecting the price of the hand when the CNC is proofing. Generally, the quality manufacturers are basically this standard. Even if there is a difference, it will not be too big, and we can get the same quality when looking for the hand factory. In the case of the choice of a good value-for-money manufacturers, this can ensure the quality and delivery of the hand, rather than because of the price of the choice of downstream manufacturers to do, in the end may not be worth the loss, wasting time and cost.