Commonly used tools in the milling process of CNC machining centers

We know that the difference between CNC machining centers is that one of the major features of CNC milling machines is the availability of a tool magazine. The machining center generally has 16 or 24 tools in the robotic tool magazine, which can be used to complete the automatic tool change during the machining process. Different machining processes require different tool types, but they are used to cut metal materials, so the machining center tools are generally metal cutting tools. The machining center can complete the processing of complex parts such as various discs, plates, threads, housings, cams, and molds in one setup. One-time clamping can complete various processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming and rigid tapping. For turning and milling, you can choose turning tools, planing tools and milling cutters; use boring tools, reamer or standard drill bits for hole machining; taps and thread milling cutters for thread machining; gear machining tools including hobs and gear cutters , the shaving cutter, etc.; no matter which kind of tool is composed of the clamping part and the working part, the clamping part and the working part of the integral structure cutter are all made on the cutter body. The working part of the tool is to generate and process the chips. Some working parts of the tool are cutting parts, such as turning tools, planers, boring tools and milling cutters. Some working parts of the tool include cutting parts and calibration parts, such as drill bits, reaming drills, reamers, and internal surfaces. Knives and taps, etc. The function of the cutting part is to cut the chips with a cutting edge, and the calibration part serves to polish the machined surface and guide the tool. The daily maintenance of the tool is not difficult, and it needs to be rust-proof and anti-blunt. In order to prevent passivation, the shop’s processing experts regularly grind to repair the tool wear and tear. The anti-rust work is slightly more complicated. For the CNC tool holder part, it is necessary to use high-quality anti-rust oil; before making anti-rust, pay attention to wipe the tool clean; keep the drying and the local cleaning after processing; the hard alloy blade does not need special Anti-rust treatment, pay attention to the timely storage of the tool. Be careful not to mix two or several blades together; drill or milling cutter pay special attention to the protection of the cutting edge, do not touch or fall on the ground. In fact, it is necessary to take out the time to check and clean the handle and the spindle. Correct maintenance can increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the potential cost of production. Thereby creating a safe working environment and reducing the probability of accidents.