5 Stages in Precision Part Manufacturing

As for Precision part machining, it is impossible to complete all the processing contents of all surfaces in one process. The whole processing process of precision part processing can be divided into the following stages: (1) The roughing stage. Excavate most of the machining allowance for each machined surface and machine the fine reference, mainly considering increasing the productivity as much as possible. (2) Semi-finishing stage. Defects that may occur after roughing, in preparation for surface finishing, require a certain degree of machining accuracy, ensure proper finishing allowance, and complete secondary surface processing. (3) Finishing stage. At this stage, the large cutting speed, small feed rate and depth of cut are used to cut off the finishing allowance left by the previous process, so that the surface of the part can meet the technical requirements of the pattern. (4) To-Be-Finishing stage. It is mainly used to reduce the surface roughness value or strengthen the machined surface, and is mainly used for surface processing with high surface roughness (ra≤0.32 μm). (5) Ultra-precision machining stage. The processing precision is 0.1-0.01 μm, and the surface roughness value is ra≤0.001 μm. The main processing methods are: precision cutting, fine mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing. Manufacturers of non-standard metal parts have been manufacturing technology for 0.5 to 20 mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other metal precision parts. Includes: non-standard micro components, stainless steel components, medical device accessories, lighting accessories, fasteners, connectors, instrumentation accessories, shaft bushings, fiber optic connectors, lc tail handles, sc-shank, precision mechanical parts, fiber optics More than 200 varieties of high-standard, high-quality and high-cleaning products for communication and accessories, screw nuts, electronic parts, copper and aluminum rivets, etc., for customers to choose. In addition, we can also manufacture products that satisfy our customers according to their different requirements.