Monthly Archives: December 2018

Medical Equipment Shaft Samples Get Denmark Client’s Approval

Our medical equipment shaft samples making for the Denmark customer, made by CNC Turning and CNC Milling, with precision surface finish is already finished. This is our first time cooperation with them and we are happy to receive appraisals from them. We are praised for being cooperative, efficient and can give out high quality products. […]

5 Stages in Precision Part Manufacturing

As for Precision part machining, it is impossible to complete all the processing contents of all surfaces in one process. The whole processing process of precision part processing can be divided into the following stages: (1) The roughing stage. Excavate most of the machining allowance for each machined surface and machine the fine reference, mainly […]

Push Button Mechanism Samples Get US Customer’s Approval

Our push button mechanism samples making for the US customer, made by CNC Machining, with metal hardening and polished surface finish is already finished. Client is satisfied with the samples and so we will start mass production soon. They are always satisfied with our excellent quality and professional service. Thanks for our customers’ support!