What are the factors affecting the price of CNC Machined and Metal Stamping products?

Hardware parts processing is generally carried out by means of CNC, automatic lathe, CNC lathe processing, etc., but due to the different drawings and technical requirements of hardware parts, the processing price required is different. How to grasp the price of hardware processing can not only ensure that customers can accept and can obtain certain profits. According to VIM’s experience, the factors affecting the price of hardware processing have the following points. 1. it depends on your drawings and technical requirements. If he structure is simple, the processing accuracy is relatively low, and vice versa. 2. Evaluate and calculate the amount of raw materials required, the weight of recycled materials after processing and the cost of recovery. Material costs are reduced by scrap recycling costs. If the waste has no recycling value, no calculation is required. 3. Evaluate the processing cost. The processing fee depends on the process. The price of using different processing equipment is of course different. It is calculated according to working hours (turning time, rolling time, drilling time, etc.), and some are calculated according to the operation. (such as how much to polish, how much money to drill, etc.) 4. look at the number of orders, the order quantity amount is large, of course, the price is lower. But if the order is a single piece, cost will be very expensive because of the high price of raw material. For example, for a length of 3mm aluminium stick, the price of buying 1 and buying 100 could be in only 50{ef5518e4f4df6ec43b9eae0baf527022700eb288ef6c79462f964eb9d4a49a6f} increase. In addition, the time cost to adjust the machine will be enlarged. 5. see if it needs to be outsourced. If a set of processes can be completed by the factory itself, the price will be lower. If there is an additional cost in the processing of parts that require external processing, the outsourcing process will also lead to product quality risks, and the defect rate will add several layers, so the cost will increase. This passage is brought you by Shenzhen VIM Technology, the CNC Machining & Metal Stamping Specialist in China, owns 5000sqm factory in China, provide to several listed companies in US, Europe and Asia. Welcome for getting free quotes on your OEM metal products. nnhttps://www.vim-cnc.com/