Overview of CNC Machining & Metal Stamping Factory in China

Many foreign customers always ask me – “There are so many CNC Machining & Metal Stamping factories in China. Which one should I choose to work with?” My answer is “it depends”. Overall, factories are concentrated in Zhejiang & Guangdong province. Zhejiang is at eastern coast of China.There are three major cities in Zhejiang full of metal fabrication factories, Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Taizhou. Their technology is not advanced but labor cost there is cheap. Therefore, their products are of moderate quality yet very cheap. If you are looking for mass production with loose tolerance to the quality, I suggest you cooperating with factories in Zhejiang. In contrast, Guangdong province is famous for producing metal precision of high quality. Guangdong is a coastal province of southeast China, borders Hong Kong and Macau. Factories mainly locate in city Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou. Since lots of foreign investments there, technology is advanced. Many manufacturing professionals work there. Their manufacturing capability and quality are the best in China. Costs may be higher, but if you contact directly with factory, instead of brokers/dealers/trading companies, you will still get a good price! If you are looking for professional CNC Machining & Metal Stamping services, please feel free to contact us at sales@vim-cnc.com, we are the CNC Machining & Metal Finishing Specialist in Shenzhen, self-owns a 5000sqm factory. Direct deal with factory, cost effective production price.