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How do Metal Machining Metal Stamping Manufacturers improve production efficiency?

The development of the machinery manufacturing industry is one of China’s economic lifelines. Whether in the machining industry or in other industries, companies must have better development prospects and value-for-money products. It is necessary to improve its own production efficiency, and only its own production efficiency is higher than social production efficiency to enhance the […]

The four major automation methods for metal stamping in the future, happening in Chinan

At present, as for the traditional labor production line, although the investment in the initial stage of construction is relatively small, but with the expansion of market demand and the rising of labor costs, its inherent inefficiency and poor product quality stability are increasingly affecting the development of enterprises. Automated production lines just happen to […]

Can 3D Printing eliminate high-end CNC machining?

3D printing technology is an emerging technology and China is getting involved in that. 3D printing is used in a wide range of applications, from aerospace, machining, precision instrumentation, automotive manufacturing and basic scientific equipment manufacturing. Metal 3D printing is a very big boon for modern industry, which will greatly reduce the production cost of […]

5 Tips to Prepare a Technical Drawing for CNC Machining in China

CNC Machining and metal stamping is all about processing drawings and making them real. A complete set of drawings can effectively control the accuracy and evaluation of parts processing, and high-quality processing drawings can also improve the processing efficiency of parts. How to make a set of high quality engineering drawings? My experience is as […]

Simple Guide to Surface Finish after CNC Milling Metal Stamping

1. PVD vacuum plating, physical vapor deposition (PVD): nIt is an industrial manufacturing process, which is a technology that mainly uses physical processes to deposit thin films. Process: pre-PVD cleaning→intake vacuuming→washing target and ion cleaning→coating→coating end, cooling out→posting (polishing, AFP) Technical features: PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) can be on metal surface Plated high hard plating, […]

What are the factors affecting the price of CNC Machined and Metal Stamping products?

Hardware parts processing is generally carried out by means of CNC, automatic lathe, CNC lathe processing, etc., but due to the different drawings and technical requirements of hardware parts, the processing price required is different. How to grasp the price of hardware processing can not only ensure that customers can accept and can obtain certain […]

How is the impact of the Sino-US trade war on Chinese manufacturing?

Trump’s provoked Sino-US trade war was directly aimed at forcing China to further open its market to the United States with a serious imbalance between China and the United States. The deep-rooted purpose was to try to re-enact the US-Japan trade war in the 1980s to curb China’s renaissance, while in November. The US Congress […]

100{ef5518e4f4df6ec43b9eae0baf527022700eb288ef6c79462f964eb9d4a49a6f} QA/QC of CNC Machining Part

We are in process of manufacturing 50,000 zinc CNC machining milling turning part for our Japan customer. We do 100{ef5518e4f4df6ec43b9eae0baf527022700eb288ef6c79462f964eb9d4a49a6f} QA/QC on this batch of products as request. This is to mae sure the quality is up to international standard and safe to use. Our products will be sent out soon after inspection by machines […]