4 Reasons why CNC Machining & Metal Stamping in Shenzhen, China

“Made in China” is not an uncommon concept to everyone. Especially, when it comes to CNC machining & Metal Stamping, I could say China does “monopolize” the whole industry. Take Apple Inc. as a great example. The technology is developed in California. However the whole production of CNC machined parts is sub-contracted to Foxconn, a multinational electronics contract manufacturing company with its factory in Shenzhen, China. Why is that so? That isn’t hard to explain. Low Cost Major factor must be low cost. Let’s compare the wages of a skillful technician in China VS United States. Average salary for an experienced Chinese CNC machining technician is 9000RMB (1350USD) (which is already very decent), whilst in USA is 6000USD. Not to mention also the building cost of factory & maintenance fee like rent, electricity, insurance, etc. This in turn minimizes the manufacturing cost for producing a good product. Lower the production cost thus can lower the end-product price, hence increasing the competitiveness and profitability. High Quality People always argue that slow-developing country could even offer cheaper production cost. That jumps to another point- Quality. Comparing to countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, which are also popular in manufacturing sector, China stands out as the high-quality manufacturer. Especially, CNC machining & metal stamping require lots of expertise and skills. Shenzhen China is the home to many hi-tech companies, e.g. Tencent, Alibaba, and Huawei. Thus, this drives the whole manufacturing in Shenzhen to be at the best international standard. Furthermore, thanks to its convenient location just north to Hong Kong, lots of CNC Machining & Metal Stamping professionals who worked in Hong Kong in the past decades work in Shenzhen now. To conclude, if you are serious to find manufacturing companies for your products, no matters robots, radio-controlled hobbies, audio equipment, automotive, medical appliance, etc., Shenzhen China is the place for you. Efficiency – Fast Lead Time When you need a prototype urgently, or mass production of a product, time could be your concern. Different from other factories, CNC machining & metal stamping factory in China usually operates 24/7, as workers work in 2-3 shifts. Therefore, using a manufacturer in China could save your time. Courier Last but not least, shipping is definitely not a problem in China. Right now, international courier service providers including EMS International, DHL, FedEx and UPS are here in Shenzhen China. They offer in-bound and out-bound service in all means- cargo, freight, courier, etc. Along with SF express, China’s leading express logistics company, these all together connect China to all other countries like US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Express courier service could take less than 2 business days! Sure now you have ideas on why CNC machining & Metal Stamping in Shenzhen, China. But how to pick the best manufacturer? Please stay tune to our next blog. This passage is provided to you by: VIM Technology, the CNC machining & Metal Stamping specialist who self-owns 5000sqm factory in Shenzhen, China. We are expertise in offer tailor made production plan for each client. Our services include CNC Milling, CNC turning, CNC Drilling, CNC Tapping & all kinds of metal stamping. With our 40–year-experience and advanced technology, you can totally trust that we could offer good quality machined products as well as service. To know more, feel free to visit www.vim-cnc.com